Welcome to videoleon.com! Our goal is quite simple; we want to create films for our clients, which are simply breathtaking, while being fun and emotional. We know how important an event a wedding is in a person’s life, therefore we want to capture this event on film to create a memory which will last you a lifetime.

Finding the right videographer is not an easy task. The videographer should be able to not just capture the moment on film but also the essence of it and we at videoleon.com do just this. We focus on your story as not only a couple but as individuals too and this is our source of inspiration, which helps us create personalised films for our clients.

Through our wedding videos, we will capture and lock some of your most amazing moments as you celebrate your love for each other.  The wedding march, the vows, the exchange of rings, the first dance, the first kiss – everything will be captured for you to revisit these tender moments from time to time.

The bride in an ethereal white wedding gown from Vera Wang or the groom flaunting his wedding ring; all these moments will be treasured memories for tomorrow. We will make your memories picture perfect through our videos; you’ve got to make it special by making the right choices – be it the bride’s wedding trousseau or the groom’s wedding ring.

We know women are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding accessories and gowns, it is now turn for the men to get spoilt when choosing their suits or their wedding bands, so the groom looks as dapper, as the bride looks beautiful in the wedding videos. We are happy to suggest a little bit of this and that, so that the difference shows in your wedding videos. Here is a look at the trendiest styles that the bride and groom can flaunt which will help us make ace videos.

After all, a wedding ring is the sign of your commitment; make it special.